Alkeymie – The Private Shows

On 11.11 at 11:11 this year, I released my most recent music project Alkeymie – The Slamtape. Since it’s too early to talk about it, I will let you dive into it. It’s only going to take your breath away for 22 minutes. You’ll be lively after đŸ˜‰

Now that you have listened, may I suggest another way to experience the music? My idea is simple: You invite family and friends (maximum 20 people) in your sitting room and I will bring my sound/lighting/props, and mats to sit on and we all create a new experience. Here are the packages:

  • Simple : USD 300 (One-man show)
  • Semi Live : USD 450 (With one musician – modern / traditional
  • Full Live : USD 1,000 (With full band)
  • Any of the above + Deejay (two-hour set) implies an additional USD 200

PS: For people who would want me to perform for them outside Rwanda, here’s what to consider in terms of visa requirement. Our (former) colonizers do not appreciate our growth and presence in the very countries they built with wealth stolen from us, so Schengen/US visas are discouraging but sometimes worth a try.

If interested, please email

Expericment 4.0 Finale : Words of Fury

In December last year when Gael Faye organized a charity concert for children at CECYDAR next to Unilak in Kicukiro, I was super excited not only to watch him educate and inspire through his art as he does so well but mostly because he invited me to perform with him. Little did I know that a few hours before the show the legend in person would ask me to write and perform a new version of the hook to M. le prĂ©sident – a powerful track on his fantastic album Pilipili Sur Un Croissant Beurre that speaks out loud against dictatorship and power greed. Continue reading “Expericment 4.0 Finale : Words of Fury”