Eric 1Key – after the ‘Expericment’

Published on December 04, 2016 by Moses Opobo for the New Times

I was already familiar with Opobo’s work, which he shared on his Facebook page and we even got deeper after a few arguments related to how I view the work of entertainment journalists in Rwanda. He is absolutely right when he says;

The slam poet, rapper and blogger has cultivated another parallel reputation over the years – ranting. So much so that, day in, day out, he has to contend with the frequent question: “Eric, why do you like to criticize?”

When he asked me to meet him so we could discuss about my work, I said to myself, “I hope he did his research.” Indeed he did and we had a good couple of hours delving into the #Expericment series.

Basically it was testing the waters to see what business model could work out, and 1Key stretched his imagination and creativity to the limit. In all, he did four Expericment shows staged at different venues in Kigali, each with a different theme and concept; from politics to sex to identity.

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Thank you, Mr. Opobo for your interest in my work, and rants 🙂

All the best!

Eric1Key on his passion for poetry

Published on May 22, 2016 by The New Times

This interview was conducted in a Q&A format with Sharon Kantengwa for The New Times.

Why choose poetry?

I don’t think I really chose poetry. Somehow it’s always been hidden somewhere inside me I guess when I decided to open my voice, that’s the voice that echoed. Life has always been my coach and time is the greatest poet there is. My lessons are derived from the many experiences that life brings.

What makes poetry interesting to you?

Poetry is all about honesty. That is a rare virtue that I deeply admire. It is also succinct but there are infinite ways to look at and interpret those lines and words. I am a curious being. Writing is travelling through the mind, time and space. I love the adventure that it brings.

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