Bweramvura bwa Kinihira, Amajyepfo


– Ese musaza Njunga ufite imyaka ingahe?
– Va kuri ibyo, umva! Inzara ya mbere yabaye mu Rwanda ni Rumanura hari mu 1918. Iyo narayibariwe. Iya kabiri yitwaga Gakwege. Hari mu 1928. Naragiraga inyana na sogokuruza wawe. Nyuma haza Ruzagayura. Iza ifite icyivugo. Ngo “Narishe ariko nyirabicucu yarananiye”
– Nyirabicu…??
– Uwo ni uwari ufite inka.
– Ruzagayura yo ni iya Ryari?
– Yabaye hagati y’1941 n’1945. Icyo gihe nari muri Zayire nkora mu makawa hepfo ya za Masisi.

La Voi(e)x La Légende

lvdll“My next music project. An EP perhaps.”
I posted this April last year. I am convinced now is the time. And it’s going to be an album. An album about people, cultures, traditions and more that I hope to discover on the way.
The album will come with a book or rather the music CD will be in the book’s pocket.
I have a feeling it’s going to take more than a year to complete. I’m not in a rush anymore. Entre2 was a draft. I want to spend more time on this. So if I become less present on your walls or stweets, you know I’m offline working.
I might start the first line on the book today.
Thank you my people for being part of the journey. I appreciate your generosity and attention. Take care of yourselves.
1Key, 1Love

On Journal

Published by Journal.rw

Journal is a simple, open video streaming platform that celebrates arts, culture, innovation and storytelling. When I was contacted by the team to write a piece in Kinyarwanda about the importance of storytelling, it hit me that every time one mentions Rwanda to a foreigner, the discussion begins with the genocide. Yet we have had great history embedded in poetry for centuries. I wanted to remind that. Too bad I can’t embed the video in the post but it’s on their page https://www.journal.rw/eric-1key/ Continue reading “On Journal”