On Masculinity

I grew up being told repetitively
The household is like a human body
The man is the head of the whole
The woman holds it together
Kids are the members
They both follow
The man’s lead coz “he’s the brain” after all

Apparently it takes balls to be a man
But I know mammals that got bigger than…
2 to 3 inches
Heavier than 3 pounds
Of fragile eggs that can barely handle the slightest pinches

This world domination got me to question my own masculinity
Coz I realize that mistreating girls for my own perception of reality
Has nothing to do with feminity

And maybe our need to blow our expansion out of proportions
Is to cover for our pettiness, weaknesses and misconceptions

But I tell you what:
If you wanna test how strong a man is
Leave him alone, if he doesn’t cease to exist
That man is a gem


Watch the performance for the Big Men project in this video


2 thoughts on “On Masculinity

  1. Eric, I don’t know you personally but I find that you’re a good person, for not only do you speak for yourself (I guess) but also for many of our society. Let me permit myself to say that you maybe didn’t have a perfect journey in this life according to some tweets I’ve ever read concerning your person but let me also say that the lessons you learned from your struggles and occasional failures also have a big impact on many people’s lives and I find nothing bigger than that as your impact to the few that hear or read your works and I really hope those few will once become a bigger number and your message to the world will have made its impact. Don’t get discouraged and continue going forward. I wish you to get as much resources as you need, be it physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and then… Go be great. Heal the world.

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