#Expericment 3.0

I believe at this stage many of you have mastered the art of articulating the word “expericment”. At same time I won’t lie to you, I do take pleasure in watching some of you hiss “essiperisssickm–” Guilty pleasure that is.

I also believe that those who came to the two previous episodes know by now that each episode has its own sound, color and texture. In other words each one has a unique concept to it. At the end of the first show, I gathered that the tight hugs, firm and loose handshakes, a salute here and there meant “Well done”. Positive feedback is good. It’s good that the artiste knows that he made his audience feel (whatever that feeling might be.) It cannot only be positive. Every now and then, it would be nice to be reminded a few things that need to be improved. For example, a friend told me recently “You have no excuse messing up your own lyrics.” I was about to defend myself with the It-takes-a-lot-to-put-a-show-together-when-you-are-solo excuse for not having enough time to rehearse but then it hit me, “As a poet, all I have is words. If I can’t get them right, what am I doing?” And now that I know that my gibberish doesn’t go unnoticed, I have to work on that. A few friends who blog had promised to do the Expericment review but never did. I guess they got busy. However, this tweet did it for me. I don’t know about the definition part of an artist though I do appreciate that she took the time to analyze it all and effortlessly summarize two hours into about 20 words.

Teta tweet

The concept was “The Evolution of the Storyteller” even though nobody asked “What was all that about?” or maybe it was too obvious. I don’t know. Right now I feel like giving Samantha two free tickets to the #Expericment 3.0.

But before we get into that, there was the #Expericment 2.0, which was simpler in terms of execution- A band, a stool and a storyteller. That is because I wanted to focus on the lyrical content. There were some local guest artistes of course and improvs- something you should always expect on this series. Have a look at the videos

Now what do we do next? “We” because I tried to involve YOU, ladies and you didn’t seem to be interested. For a week I asked you to join me in designing the #Expericment 3.0 and you didn’t show much interest. However, I had a plan B. Not sure you’ll like it but TADA!!Exp 3_Profile

Need I say more besides the fact that the owner of the pantie is no one else but… A Girl Has No Name. She went missing though and if you can help me find her by bringing a female friend to the show, I will be satisfied. And probably the only man on Earth to feel that way or else I’ll tell all about how that piece of cloth ended in my hand. If you are into that kind of talk, I’ll see you at The Manor Hotel after work on Friday 8th July. Zoom in the poster for more details. Right now Salt ‘N’ Pepa’s tune is in my head on repeat. “Let’s talk about sex, baby; Let’s talk about you and me; Let’s talk about all the good things;  And the bad things that may be; Let’s talk about sex.” Let’s talk about sexpericment.

PS: Dress to tease if you want to spice up the night. I will do the same. Who am I kidding, though? You know me. Adam’s wear costs nada.

See you on the second Friday night of July beautiful hot romantic horny beings!

1key, 1love.

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