#Expericment 2.0 > 3.0

The second edition of the #expericment happened on the same day and time as the most entertaining event in the sports world- The 2016 Champions League final. I had announced the date of show in the first week of May and that didn’t seem to be a problem until the weekend kicked in. I believe that affected the turnout; in a positive way though because it drew the line between those who just want to be entertained and hardcore supporters. Thank you!

I will let the people who came through to comment about how the show went down. Videos and interviews will be available next week for youtubers. If you ask me, It felt like a house party in which I was promoting my upcoming show. Pretty cool!
We connected, revisited our history, questioned our existence,  enjoyed our present, laughed occasionally, and inspired the future.
I had a great time and I believe so did everyone. The pics below (courtesy of Jabo, I believe) may give you hints about what you missed.


Special thanks to everyone who went out of their way to buy tickets with mobile money for the first time. Someone had said, “Rwandans don’t believe in pre-sales unless you are Stromae and they all don’t have Mobile Money.” True! One fact though: About 60 Rwandans and non-Rwandans bought their tickets with Mobile Money (mostly pre-ordered) then skipped the Champions League final to  attend the #expericment. Yes that is a small number you would say but to me that is way better than a noisy stadium. Did I break even? Not even close to the half of it. But somehow I managed to pay my crew. That’s all that matters for now. Me? My debts are getting deeper than my poetry :). but that is totally expected in the beginning, especially on the Rwandan market. Someday this sweat will buy my mom a house that reflects here beauty. You’ll see.
Moving on swiftly, let’s talk about the #Expericment 3.0. Like I said it on 2.0 the next show is going to be a tribute to women. How? I don’t know yet and that is why I would like you to design it.  So ladies…
  • What would be the perfect date and venue? (It’s gotta be after Ramadhan)
  • Should there be a theme?
  • Should it be restricted (“Women only” or “PG18” etc.)?
  • What would you like to be the main focus of the show? Elaborate, please.
  • Any particular performer that you would recommend?
  • What innovative ways would you suggest for people to get tickets?

Now let’s give it a week and decide. Keep the conversation going with the hashtag #expericment

Thank you!

1Key, 1Love.

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