#Expericment 2.0 – The Background


First things first… appreciations. I’d like to start by appreciating everyone who came through to the first #Expericment on the 31st of March 2016. Too bad your beautiful faces were not captured in these videos. I also want to thank those who couldn’t make it physically but followed how the show unfolded through social media. Big thanks to the people who shared the content as well. Huge claps for those who landed moral and financial support when I was short of money to pay the band. You are a blessing.

I smile when I remember that day and I feel so empowered to say, “Let’s do it again!” The thing about the #Expericment is to try different ways by which the artist and the audience make the show together. You remember that to attend the premiere, one had to purchase the album online? Well, that didn’t go too well as I learned in the process that not many people had access to online payments facilities and that somehow the process was a bit tiresome. I really appreciate the effort.

On this edition, let’s try a simpler, faster and more efficient payment method that we are all familiar with- Mobile Money, as mentioned in the poster. There is a chance people on different networks might feel left out but I believe you can send money across networks no matter what platform you’re on (Airtel Money, Tigo Cash) and if that’s too much hassle, you can ask a friend to purchase more than one ticket. Speaking of “one ticket” that is the exact amount of tickets I have sold after 5 days of promo. I know we always wait for the last minute but I will tell you how that does not help in this case:

– I have a limited number of 150 seats at Impact Hub and I want to be able to say “Sorry, the space is full. See you at the #Expericment 3.0”
– I want allow myself to dream that I can walk into the show knowing that I have the money to pay the band, the sound & lighting guy and the videographer. By the way there was no budget for him last time and that affected the output. Ismael aka Rio craves for excellence but to be honest I think he did a good job given the circumstances.

Oh one more thing- there is going to be a lot more English pieces on the #Expericment 2.0. I hope to see many fresh faces on Saturday 28th May 2016. The #Expericment continues.

1Key, 1Love.

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