Catch 22 Questions

1. Where were “we” “you” “they” before this land bore the name that makes our pride?
2. Which ancestors did the first Rwandese family evoke before sleep at night?

3. How old are the words Tutsi, Hutu & Twa in the universe?
4. Who can point the first time the poet mentioned them in a verse?

5. At what point in time being called any of these names was a praise or an aversion?
6. Is there an absolute truth about our History or do we choose a comforting version?

7. When yesterday’s heroes become today’s villains, who will the future believe?
8. Whose ink to trust when the pen holder’s master own the narrative?

9. What happened to the man who, passionately, butchered his wife?
10. And the woman who poisoned her own kids during one of the 100 nights?

11. Animosity, you’d say but what animal species ever did the unthinkable?
12. Fight to call it genocide but is that even close to define the indescribable?

13. Is there a gene in us for extreme wickedness just as there could be one for kindness?
14. Is there really such a thing as remorse or forgiveness?

15. What’s in the eyes of survivors when they meet the reason they lost everything?
16. Would the person behind their scars genuinely apologize if no one was watching?

17. [Insert country], what’s justice without reparations?
18. What’s restitution when it doesn’t bring about resurrection?

19. If we’re independent, why do our colonizers’ flags wave high all across our continent?
20. If we’re a dignified people, why is the West in charge of the education of our children?

21. Why are some of the answers to my “primitive” questions locked inside museums in Europe?

22. Why would any of these questions make you uncomfortable?


3 thoughts on “Catch 22 Questions

  1. 1. Probably a seed that would be sow in decades to come
    2.Ryangombe rya Kagoma
    6. There is, there must be.
    7. The future’s heroes
    9.probably in jail/ same with 10
    12.Not really
    14. Yes, remorse exists once you realize that you’ve been wrong
    As for forgiveness, it certainly does. I did forgive, but not forgotten.
    15. Depends, if for the first time; they see evil, if past remorse,repentance and forgiveness stage; they see an opportunity to rebuild.
    16. Who knows, apart that very person.
    18. Restitution is for materials not people.
    19,20,21 A long way to freedom
    22. Only if I wasn’t concerned.

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