Easy Steps to the #Expericment

InnovationI had a chat with my best friend recently. We are always chatting and I asked her if she got the email invite to the #expericment that I sent. She said she did and when I asked why she did not register, she said “Oh I needed to? I thought the email was enough.” No my friend it is not enough. I have been posting the link to the event for two weeks now. Apparently people have not been clicking on the link. So I guess I will have to explain how this works.

1. Click on the 1key’s #expericment  event link wherever you see one. Once there, you will get all the details about the time, the artist’s profile, the format of the show… There’s an option to save the event to your calendar. So that should help.
2. While on the event page, you will see a green button right below the poster. It reads REGISTER. Click on that and follow the steps;
  • A small screen will pop up with a green button that reads CHECKOUT, click on that;
  • A form will appear for you to fill in your details. The sections with * are mandatory.
  • Some of the questions to fill in are “Have you purchased #Entre2?” If yes, you get to fill in your favorite songs. This is 1 key part of the experience. Then I would customize the show to your taste.
3. Click on COMPLETE REGISTRATION. You’ll get an email conformation with your ticket.
I know some of you will not subscribe because “Ah it’s 1key, man! He’s my boy.” Yes I am your boy but I was offered the beautiful space that is Innovation Village for free and for a limited audience so let’s show some respect. I want everyone that will attend to feel comfortable and enjoy.
So please buy the album online (you can also add Nilekast to the list of online stores), register and let’s start something meaningful in this industry. Together. Let’s give it a try. We can do this.

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