#Entre2 Expericment


I know most of you are waiting for the album launch but I don’t think we are all ready. So I suggest we start small. As in small shows.
I have a 6-month plan that I would like to share with you and please be honest if you don’t think it will work. A lot has NOT worked but hey we’re still trying our best. Usually, those in the so-called industry would suggest that I write down the project and submit it to donors, with a sidenote showing them how my art would be of benefit to their organizations and bla bla bla bla but I’m too proud to beg. At least for now. It’s not about them. It’s about us. If you can relate to my story, you know what I’m talking about. And I’d rather be in debt to my people than those aids bodies. So that’s why I’m going to share my plan with you, my friends, my fans, my people so we can find solutions together and perhaps models that finally work. Let’s try together or fail together but let’s try. Ok?

So the Project title is: Entre2 – The Expericment. 1. Because it’s my experiment and two it’s about the album Entre2.

The Format is simple…
Me + an afro acoustic band. Live music played in front of an audience of 100 people max.
These people would have pre-selected (from a web app) their 5 best titles on the album Entre 2, which is in French, while interludes would be English poems related the songs.
To participate, each person would have to buy the album online from whichever platform they choose (amazon, itunes, spotify, etc). You can start now http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1075777233?ls=1&app=itunes 😉 The money will be collected in June and will help create the main event: The Album Launch in July somewhere that is definitely NOT Serena Hotel. I have nothing against the place, I just find it expensive and limiting as a space.

At the end of each show (max 1h30min), a 30min discussions with the participants about the state of the arts would be held with Q&As.

These “expericments” would happen in places like Innovation Village, Plus250 and other restaurants with the capacity and will to be a part of the process.
Entrance would be FREE given that the person has already purchased a 10$ album. Let’s not be greedy 🙂

I know the question on your mind is when do we start? I would like to start this February but here’s the problem: Logistics. Translation: money. I need money for the;
– Rehearsals (venue, refreshment, transport)
– Band (A pianist, a bass player, a guitarist and a percussionist) each would be paid and I would have to hire the instruments as well.
– Sound system
– Videography (shooting + editing)

A minimum budget for each mini show would be around 1,500,000 Rwf. Mind you that I am not being paid yet. If I am lucky then I might get paid in July at the big show. Let me know where I can get this money each month for 5 months and I’m good to go.

Let’s build further, either here or over twitter under the hashtag #Entre2Expericment. My handle is @eric1key.

2 thoughts on “#Entre2 Expericment

  1. Hello Eric.
    This is a good initiative. I have witnessed something like this being done in Uganda using http://fezah.com/. People would buy the album beforehand and get a pass to the album launch. Most of this was before even the music was produced. I think it will work for you as well. What I am suggesting to you; Find a provider who can allow mobile money based payments for the people who can’t purchase using credit cards. The $10 is very much affordable. Also, if I bought a physical copy of Entre2, would someone be entitled to enjoy the expericment?

    1. Thanks for this Sam. I appreciate the support. The team in charge of my digital distribution is looking forward to tap into the mobile money market. It will take partnership with local content providers though.

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