Modern Slave


My collar is white, never on a single occasion has it been blue;
I speak like bazungu, my brain runs on Caucasian 1.2
After all I’ve been trained to think and operate like them;
Or at least to imitate them;
And excelling means I emulate them;

No it’s not selling out, it’s being civilized;
Have you not heard of the benefits of being colonized?
Check it out…
I’m an elite, you can tell from my accent;
I’m 100% sure I’m one of the 1%;
My language is innovation, I represent;
Civility, creativity, fashion, I talk books;
My neighbors get on their feet and salute;
That stands for something, right?
“Hello boss” they say when I drive by;
And like a boss, I nod quietly, you know the sign, right?
To show off my cool side, I raise two fingers effortlessly;
These poor niggers don’t deserve my energy;
They’re only good at drinking cheap beer and eating dust;
The only thing they build in my hood is distrust;
So I lock my car doors, roll up my windows;
And enjoy the best of Mozart’s concertos;

See, I’m a classic maaaaaaan

Check my suit, give me some credit;
I got class, my former school mates don’t get it;
JD in my glass, if you got it, flaunt it;
I smell like money, devil’s shit;
The rest looks like crap, bull shit;
I’m a modern man, I got trust issues;
You can’t understand unless you’re in these shoes;
Where I come from, appearance is everything;
Not where I was born, not the village;
I’m talking about this city where it’s a privilege
To have a job, a car and a good wage;
I work from 8 till the job is done… extra time unpaid;
“It’s for your own good, my bosses say”
They tell me what to do and how to – it’s gotta be their way;
They say “work hard and all this could be yours one day”
And I believe them. I believe they care;
So I breathe their objective, mission and vision;
I embrace their philosophy, my ambitions switch to a higher position;
I hope they will not replace me
With a younger and cheaper version of myself;
So I’m constantly on email like it’s  always a matter of life and death;
And somehow the misery of my peers makes me feel superior;
Anyone getting in my way becomes a ladder;
The worst that could ever happen is be a farmer;
What good would it do to my awesome grammer?
Yes I’m a close book, I prefer being judged by my cover;
It’s colorful pimped with golden paper all over;
If you don’t like me, well, fuck you;
I’m a modern man and I will not change for you.
I’m a modern maaaaaaan


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