The Mess Age

Heavily armed soldiers posted up in the streets
Fingers glued on their triggers; now that’s safety
Metallic doors locked behind decorated bars
Barbed-wired tall fences guarding the yards

Cold looks are being exchanged
Grim thoughts, loud words left unsaid
Hypocrite smiles filling the void
Everything real becomes fake when you’re paranoid

When facts are provided by the instigators of violence
Conspiracy theories make more sense
Life is a blame game where everyone is right
It’s unfair but might makes more right

Being alive means your time ain’t right (yet)
So I guess that’s why it’s all wrong
We created a net and got trapped in its web
Social media gets us closer coz it keeps us away from home

This world is a book and it’s old
We failed to decipher its code
So we pretend to rewrite history
But if we failed to learn from it, how can we teach with it?



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