Who Bewitched Africa?


Lost ID’s, like aliens that crash-landed on this planet
We both had no idea about who we were before we met
We found ourselves hardly floating on the tides of this life
Swimming through its lows and highs
Scheming through this ocean of lies

Not looking for the spider but ways to survive
With 1000 ways to die daily, it’s a miracle being alive
The grim reaper’s steps get louder every day and night
But wait… this time the steps are yours. Why?
Why would you prey on me like a hungry reptile
Yet not long ago, I let you in my home
And we sang the same song
Recited the same poetry, moved to the same rythm
Sipped banana wine from the same straw
Praised the spirit of the ancestors, dreamed of tomorrow
Tell me if I’m lying but for a moment didn’t we forget our sorrow?
When your eyes smiled, it’s my happiness that I saw
What happened overnight? Who poisoned your thoughts?


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