Lost In Transition

Back then…
The morning alarm was the cock chanting
And lullabies were made of crickets chirping
Life was simple and so were chores, no multitasking
We were able to build houses out of bullshit
And make communities out of genuine relationships
When dancing required no club membership
No particular outfit, no fees, no need to look cool
All we needed was solid feet… it was all good
Back then the elders spoke, the younger ones listened

But that was before…
We started showing off in every sense of the word
Before we started living to impress the world
Faking smiles and lifestyles just to be liked
Seeking the meaning of our lives through other people’s eyes
Giving up on ourselves to become everyone else

We gave up on our pride to live in their shadow
We envied their colour so we bleached to the marrow
We became content of being gimmicks
We traded our values for currencies
And now, we are nothing but faded memories
Of those we ought to be

My world is full of apes and Cesar is not wise
All I see is primates trained to destroy lives
Covered with strong suits, they conceal their fears
But remember “Our power lies in the weakness of others”
I see dark clouds so I prepare for bad weather
A silver lining doesn’t stop the rain from pouring
The bright side can be inviting but also luring

From slave ships to owning yatches
From chains on our wrists to diamond watches
From ropes around our necks to the bling bling
From hopes of freedom to living in vanity
Selling dreams to our peers that can barely afford a meal
Am I crazy to believe we got lost in transition?
But maybe I would do the same in their position
How many revolutionaries became enemies of revolutions?


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