For Those…

This is for…

Those aliens that emerge out of nowhere Those strangers who crash our party and set it on fire
Those crazy ones who demolish all the walls we’ve built around us for years and all we can do is powerlessly watch them do what they do
Those that make us feel like it is okay to be vulnerable
Those who respect our choices even when they’re mistakes
Those who would sit with us at the bridge and say “You jump, I jump”
Those that have been shelled in our place so many times but still swear to take a bullet for us
Those who have no boxes in our minds and can’t be labelled
Those ‘weirdos’ that look lost but are the few who know that love is thicker than blood
Those who always feel indebted to us even after bailing us out
Those who swallow a tear whenever we tell them “Thank you”
Those that can’t resist to see you through their tears whenever you tell them “I love you”

This is for you. Yes, you and damn right you know who you are.


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